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Aluminium & Zinc Anodes
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We have large melting capacity of Aluminium & Zinc Anodes to ensure speedy delivery to suit vessel schedule. Pure (99.9) Raw material certifies from govt. approved lab used by us & strike quality control chemical test certificate is furnished with each &every lot. We hope that your good...
Group: Anodes
Aluminum Bronze Propellers
In stock 
n order to achieve the highest possible total efficiency of the vessel, the propeller must be a perfect match with the engine and the hull. A fixed pitch (FP) propeller is the choice when optimum efficiency, reliability and robustness are required. FP propellers are usually applied in ocean sailing...
Group: Screws rowing
Copper Coil
In stock 
We offer wide range of copper alloy tubes with superior quality. Seamless Cold Drown Tubes are offered in a wide range, especially for: Marine Application Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Condensers Plumbing Heating element Lugs & terminals, Heat exchanger, Water & Gas Lines, Solar...
Group: Copper coil
Lead Sheet
In stock 
We manufactured lead sheet by using premium quality raw material. They can be bonded to MS using appropriate flux and melting drop for giving them thickness. Lead sheets can be created to suit the shape and size Features The entire range is available in different specifications and can also be...
Group: Sheets made of steel
Copper Tubes
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Our industrial copper tubes and copper pipes can be widely utilized in the design of seawater systems for their excellent resistance to corrosion and biofouling and many other excellent properties. Copper corrodes at negligible rates in unpolluted air, water, and deaerated nonoxidizing acids....
Group: Pipes made of copper
Zinc Anodes
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Galvanic corrosion occurs when metal of different potentials are electrically attached in marine environment. We provide cathodic protection in this environment our Zinc Anodes meet american MIL-A-18001 k spec which was protect entire steel hull area shaft, propellers rudders etc. Our wide range of...
Group: Zinc anodes


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